Wednesday Events

This Wednesday we have a few events going on.

Bring your friends out too!!

  1. Gnocchi Night at Club Italia– $15 pp at the door 4-7 pm. Please wear your t-shirts if you are attending.
  2. Intersection Rally @ Oakwood /McLeod Rd from 4:30 – 6:40 pm, Mayor Jim will see us on his way to the Mayoral Debate, we’re meeting in parking lot on Oakwood Dr where Millennial Trail ends. Wear your t-shirts over a sweater for warmth!

If you are attending either of these events, or not, and if we get 30 or more people to meet at Boston Pizza on the Lane next to Americana. There, we will have the back room all set up to watch the Debate Live from 7-8 pm. BP will put our pictures on all their Social Media and also call the Review and hopefully we’ll see it in the paper!

All  BP asks is that we order a pop, drink or something.

If you feel you can make it  to BP Wed 26th from 7-8 pm, please email me back a simple “yes”, along with the # of people you’ll be bringing, so we can gather #’s.

With 28 days until the Election…we want to” Step It Up” a little more, for Mayor Jim!!!

Don’t forget to vote at an Advanced Poll or at City Hall M-F 9 am – 4pm starting October 1-22nd.

On behalf of Mayor Jim…Thank you everyone, for all your efforts!