New Niagara Falls Hospital

This is hands-down the biggest infrastructure project of our generation in the Niagara Region.  Working with the Provincial Government and Niagara Health to make this a reality remains a top priority.  From securing the donation of the land, to investing in this major build to the tune of $42M, we have skin in the game and are committed to seeing it through.  This hospital will be focused on senior-care, incorporate the newest leading-edge technologies, attract more doctors and specialists to our area and an increased emergency room capacity will reduce wait times.  The economic benefits will mean an injection of more than 5,000 jobs to our area.

Niagara Falls Hospice

The need for a Niagara Falls hospice has never been more apparent.  With the second highest 65-plus population in Ontario, care for our ageing population and those at the end of their life is and will continue to be increasingly meaningful for Niagara Falls residents.  It is critical that we have hospice care right here in our community so at this vulnerable stage of life, residents can stay close to home, their family and community supports.  Establishing a Niagara Falls hospice is an important focus for this next term of Council.

Full, daily GO Train Schedule

Premier Ford was in Niagara Falls this August to commit to more GO Trains and a full weekend schedule between Niagara Falls and Toronto.  This is a major win in helping us get back on track!  Before COVID we were about to adopt a schedule with 11 trains per day back and forth, which would mean people could work in Toronto, live in Niagara Falls and travel seamlessly in between, or come and visit for a day and head back without the hassle of sitting in highway traffic.  Re-establishing a meaningful GO Train schedule throughout the week is an important focus for this next year ahead.  We know it will have a major impact helping to revitalize our downtown core and surrounding areas, while providing critical transportation options for travelers and commuters.

Downtown University

This is on the front-burner.  City Council has been committed to this innovative project for several years and is not stopping now.  We know the importance of establishing a residential base downtown to help rejuvenate the area and we know that a university will bring students, instructors, economic growth, jobs and sustainability for businesses there, not to mention higher education, leading edge technologies and an injection of youth and new energy and ideas.

New OLG Entertainment Centre

The opening of the new OLG Entertainment Centre will mean visitors have reasons to stay longer and continue to support tourism and hospitality here.  We have been anxiously awaiting the day when the doors will open on this new build as it means larger shows with 5,000 seats to host high-quality acts, entertainers and musicians.  We have worked hard alongside our partners at the Province and OLG to ensure this became a reality as 40,000 people in Niagara rely on tourism to support their families.  We know how important it is to continue to enhance our hospitality sector and to have year-round, quality offerings for visitors.