“Chippawa is a unique, closely-knit community with a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle which I believe we should preserve and enhance.

But doing so requires planning, work and money.

When some Chippawa residents were experiencing drainage and flooding issues the City, under my leadership, responded with an investment of $9.5 Million to upgrade sewer, drainage and water infrastructure.

The City also saw the need for improved Chippawa recreational facilities and invested $2.5 Million to build and upgrade village parks and trails.

Including the above funding, over the last four years, the City under my leadership has invested over $15.5 Million on projects for the benefit of Chippawa residents. On a per household basis, this amounts to almost $7,000 spent for every one of Chippawa’s 2,200 households! 

But we still have work to do.

As your mayor, Chippawa will remain a major focus of mine.

After all, it’s a piece of paradise worth preserving!”

Jim Diodati



“Mayor Jim Diodati has always been a champion for Chippawa. He makes the effort to understand Chippawa concerns and then follows up with decisive action.”

Joe Miszk
Owner, Betty’s Restaurant


“The City’s renewal of sewer and drainage systems in Chippawa has helped give peace of mind to many residents who had been dealing with sewer backups and flooding problems.”

Sylvia Somerville

Longtime former Chippawa businesswoman and journalist


“I just love the new Chippawa Boat Ramp Park. The beautified riverside is now a playground for boaters, walkers and picnickers alike.”

Anthony Mete

Chippawa hairstylist