Tourism In Niagara Falls Declining?

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The last decade has seen a steady decline in revenue and tourists for Niagara Falls. Should your platform plans fail (ie. downtown campus, new hospital, continued “sell” of the city), my question is, what alternative plans do you have?



Thanks for the question! Over the last couple of years we have seen tourism in an upswing. More Americans are getting their passports and that is pretty evident with a multitude of license plates from all over the USA.  Three years ago, we created a strategic initiative after doing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, and placed it on the City’s website for all to see.  Our plans WILL succeed and will be a catalyst for healthy growth and diversification of our local economy and will lead to more, better paying jobs.

One thought on “Tourism In Niagara Falls Declining?

  • October 8, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Due to high prices near the falls for almost everything. Even water bottle at the hotel is being sold for $3.00 as compared to $0.25 in the No frills. Food cost at the hotels / Restaurants is high. Attraction charges are high. So we need to find out a median to consider all this and find a solutions as how to control all this.

    Tourist tax basically being kept by the Vendors and may not have been passed on to the city for improvements. We should give some incentives to the tourists to be attracted more than only the complaints. They do like to visit Niagara Falls but get scared for the high expenses.

    Vijay Kapur


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